Why a Jewish Caucus?

Why, you may ask do we need a Jewish Caucus?

Don’t Jews already vote strongly Democratic?
While the majority of Jews voted Democratic in the last few election cycles, Republicans are making significant in-roads into the Jewish community; especially among more observant Jews and Jewish young people who are increasingly remote from their family’s immigration experience. For more details, see the 2004 Jewish Vote Analysis .

Why not just be part of the main group?
Jewish Caucus members should absolutely be part of the main groups; however, just as the national Young Democrats organization has a Minority Caucus, a Labor Caucus, a Women’s Caucus, an LGBT Caucus, and a Disability Issues Caucus, it should also have a Jewish caucus for this important base constituency.

Why not just form a religious caucus?
While there are some issues (especially in the social justice arena) where many of the major world religions agree, there are a number of issues including separation of church and state, abortion, and security in the holy land where a single religious caucus would likely be divided.

Last updated: September 25, 2005

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