About Us

Our Mission

The Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus (YDAJC) is an organization dedicated to building the young Democratic Jewish political community.  YDAJC seeks to engage young democrats in issues of particular Jewish concern and to invigorate young Jews to engage in politics from a progressive Democratic perspective.  YDAJC accomplishes this task through a combination of education, awareness, and social interaction as well as political advocacy on issues of Jewish concern.

YDAJC Statement of Vision

YDAJC will provide resources and educational opportunities to Jews within YDA.  These opportunities will be tailored to help identify the Jewish values in progressive political issues.  YDAJC will also provide social opportunities to bring Jews within YDAJC together.

YDAJC will be a force in the Jewish community to engage young Jews in the political process and provide a route to greater involvement in both Democratic and Jewish politics.  YDAJC will provide educational programming, social events, and direct engagement opportunities to this end.

YDAJC will help engage younger Jews in the Jewish progressive community through feeder relationships with progressively minded Jewish groups throughout the nation.  YDAJC will also assist in Jewish progressive programming so that more young people are involved in the educational and political opportunities offered by these groups.

YDAJC will provide educational and social opportunities within YDA to engage a larger community in issues of Jewish concern.  YDAJC will also lobby YDA to ensure that YDA is an organization open to Jews of any religiosity.

YDAJC will engage in dialogue with other progressive groups to ensure that positions taken by those groups are welcoming to the Jewish community.  To the extent that those positions are not, YDAJC will be an outspoken voice for Jewish issues and a provider of education on those issues.

History of YDAJC

The Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus (YDAJC) is a caucus underneath the national 527 organization Young Democrats of America (YDA).  YDAJC works both within and outside of YDA in an effort to raise issues of particular Jewish concern among young Democrats and engage young Jews in Democratic politics.  The organization was formalized in 2006 after nearly five years operating as an unofficial working group.

In two years, YDAJC has grown to become one of the most active caucuses of the Young Democrats of America.  YDAJC has planned over a dozen national events, run two advertisements in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent during the 2006 election, and has grown to more than 200 members.  YDAJC has an even more ambitious year planned for 2008.

Contact YDAJC

If you are interested in learning more about the Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus or getting in touch with us, please email Josh Pasek, YDAJC Chair at


or call him at



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