Holocaust Remembrance Day – Never Again

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Today, April 25, 2006, we commemorate Yom Hashoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day.
This year as we remember the 6 million Jews systematically murdered by
the Nazis during the Holocaust, we remind ourselves of the promise of
“Never Again.” After the world had sat by and watched the Holocaust
unfold, offering assistance too late we vowed that Genocide would
never happen again. But it is happening again. Continue Reading Holocaust Remembrance Day – Never Again…

Knowing Why Not To Bomb Iran Is Half the Battle

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(Forward) One of my teachers, a former chief of Israeli military intelligence, used to say that going to war is not like asking a girl out on a date. It is a very serious decision, to be made on the basis of carefully crafted answers to even more carefully crafted questions.Some serious questions, then, about whether the United States should bomb Iran's nuclear installations.

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Jewish scholar, advocate

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(Miami Herald) Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, a leading Jewish scholar and civil-rights advocate known for his provocative views, died Monday of complications related to heart failure. He was 84. Hertzberg was president of the American Jewish Congress from 1972 to 1978, and vice president of the World Jewish Congress from 1975 to 1991.

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Confessions of a Jewish refugee

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(Haaretz) Nobody likes to talk about it. In fact, there is nothing enemies hate more – than to be told that they are alike. But just this once …
Since it's Pesach on our side, it might be the right time to bring up the central obsession of both Jewish tradition and Palestinian culture: exile, and the hope for return.

Read more at http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/707218.html

JTS Pick: ‘Heschel My Hero,’ Yes To Ordaining Gay Rabbis

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(Forward) Arnold Eisen traveled to the Jewish Theological Seminary of America 35 years ago, ostensibly to interview the legendary professor Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel for the student newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania. But for the young religious studies major the encounter with the spiritual icon and civil rights activist was more than just an assignment.

"He saw at once that I had personal questions to ask him," Eisen recalled this week, "and he was, in a Buberian sense, totally there for me, totally present, for two solid hours, and the guy changed my life."

Now Eisen is poised to do what Heschel never could — change the seminary from within.

Read more at http://www.forward.com/articles/7657

U.S.: Hamas response to bombing shows group’s ‘true nature’

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(Haaretz) The U.S. on Monday called on countries seeking to promote Middle East peace to note the praise offered by the Hamas-led Palestinian government for the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

Nine people were killed and dozens were wounded when a teenaged terrorist from Islamic Jihad blew himself up outside a falafel restaurant in the Neve Sha'anan area of the city.

Read more at http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/706793.html

Exodus remembered: Passover inspires Jewish concern for immigrants

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(St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Two verses from the Hebrew Bible's book of Leviticus have been used extensively by Jewish and Christian groups in the recent debate over immigration reform. The words come directly from God.

"When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not wrong him. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens; you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt . . ."

As Jews have prepared their homes over the last couple of weeks for Passover, which begins at sundown today, Jewish leaders in St. Louis have been preparing to dive into the national conversation about immigration reform.

Read more at http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/

YDAJC Passover Message

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Passover is the most widely celebrated Jewish Holiday. Jews on Passover commemorate the Exodus from Egypt, not as simply a memory, but as if every individual had been a slave and was freed.

For the eight-day holiday, Jews refrain from eating any product that contains grain (except for Matzah).

The Seder, the Passover feast, is the longest-running political discussion in the world. For over 2,500 years, Jews have celebrated Passover by thinking about how the historical story offers insight into contemporary issues. By not eating bread on Passover, we are subtly recognizing that the world is not free, and that we do not always have choices. By remembering the Exodus from Egypt and the many steps that individuals took to bring about freedom, we recognize that we are all part of the struggle. Continue Reading YDAJC Passover Message…

US civil rights group: Campus anti-Semitism a serious problem

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(Jerusalem Post) Anti-Semitism on campuses is a “serious problem” that merits a campaign to inform Jewish students of their rights, the US Commission on Civil Rights said.

The commission came to its decision Monday after considering testimony last year from the American Jewish Congress, the Zionist Organization of America, the Institute for Jewish and Community Research and other groups.

Read more at http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?

Theocracy, freedom can’t co-exist in Afghanistan, America

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(Tennessee Valley Decatur Daily) A sigh of relief went up in Washington last week that could be heard around the world.

Abdul Rahman, the Christian convert in Afghanistan who faced execution for renouncing Islam, has been released and spirited off to Italy (to avoid being killed by mobs).

Read more at http://www.decaturdaily.com/decaturdaily/opinion/other/060402a.shtml

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