A Jewish senator, another Jewish senator

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(Ha’Aretz) Benjamin Cardin’s campaign started at Rockville’s Bnai Israel synagogue, not far from home. Cardin, known as Ben, arrived there about a week ago to seek the votes he would have received anyway. . . .

There are twenty Jewish candidates in these elections, and only two of them are Republicans. One, in a particularly interesting Minnesota race, will apparently lose to the first Muslim Congressman. And many Jewish leaders support the Muslim, Keith Ellison, who has promised to visit Israel after he is elected.

Read more at http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/rosnerBlog.jhtml?


Democrats Say Iraq War Hurt Israel, Hampered Effort to Confront Iran

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(Forward) Democrats in Congress are arguing that the Bush administration’s handling of the war in Iraq harmed Israel and is tying America’s hands in dealing with Iran’s nuclear threat.

They put forth the argument in an October 27 online town hall meeting dealing with issues relating to Israel.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stressed in the online discussion that “the war in Iraq has made both America and Israel less safe.” Rep. Alcee Hastings, the Florida Democrat who is a candidate to chair the House Intelligence Committee if the Democrats win Congress, argued that “Republican foreign policy strategy in Iraq has encouraged terrorist acts against Israel, and has made other nations less likely to cooperate with U.S. policies in the region.”

Read more at http://www.forward.com/articles/democrats-say-iraq-war-hurt-israel-hampered-effor/

House Dems Holding Online Town Hall On Israel At Noon

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(Forward) Here’s the Info:

WHO: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (D-CA)

WHAT: Democratic Online Town Hall on Israel

WHEN: Friday, October 27 at Noon EST

WHERE: The Democratic Caucus Online Town Hall Web site http://demcaucus.townhall.house.gov/

Poll: Third of U.S. voters link Israel, messiah return

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(JTA) lmost one-third of U.S. voters identify with Christian Zionism when it’s defined as Israel’s control of all the “Promised Land” as a condition for the messiah’s arrival.
The poll carried out earlier this month by Zogby International for the Council for the National Interest found that 16 percent of respondents strongly believed, and 15 percent somewhat believed, that “Israel must have all of the Promised Land, including Jerusalem, to facilitate the second coming of the messiah.”

Some 53 percent didn’t believe that statement and 16 percent weren’t sure. The council lobbies for cuts in U.S. assistance to Israel.

U.S. lawmaker chides Carter on ‘apartheid’

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(JTA) A leading U.S. black congressman called former President Carter to chide him for titling his new book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.”
Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) said the use of apartheid in the title “does not serve the cause of peace and the use of it against the Jewish people in particular, who have been victims of the worst kind of discrimination, discrimination resulting in death, is offensive and wrong.”

In his statement Tuesday, Conyers said he called Carter “to express my concerns about the title of the book, and to request that the title be changed. President Carter does not build upon his career as a proponent of peace in the Middle East with this comparison and I hope he and his publisher will reconsider this decision.”

Conyers, a 20-term representative, is a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Carter’s book is due to be published next month by Simon and Schuster.

AIPAC condemns Republicans for ‘loyalty’ jibe

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(JTA) The American Israel Public Affairs Committee condemned Republican activists who said failure to support their candidate amounted to “disloyalty” to Israel.
Jonathan and Irit Tratt earned boos and walkouts at an event last week in Scottsdale, Ariz., when they spoke on behalf of U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who is fighting a tough challenge from Democrat Harry Mitchell, the mayor of Tempe.

The Tratts faced questions about Hayworth’s endorsement of the late Henry Ford’s writings on “Americanization” of immigrants, which included anti-Semitic passages.

According to news accounts, Jonathan Tratt told the audience that because Hayworth was a steadfast Israel supporter, such questions showed “disloyalty” to the Jewish state.

He also said Hayworth, a regular churchgoer, was a “more observant Jew” than those in attendance because he opposed abortion.

As audience members walked out in disgust, Irit Tratt reportedly remarked “no wonder there are anti-Semites.”

Speaking on behalf of AIPAC, board member and Phoenix resident Gene Schupak said the organization “unequivocally condemns the Tratts’ statements. Their actions were repugnant and they in no way speak for or represent the views of our organization.”

AJC Report: Young Jews Even More Democratic

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From the AJC Report:

Longitudinal General Social Survey data dispel the contention that there has been a rightward drift in Jewish political attitudes and values (Smith, 2005). In fact, a close perusal of the data reveals that, in areas where Jewish attitudes have not held steady over the course of the past thirty years, they have actually grown more liberal. For example, a decreasing proportion of Jews believe that premarital sex and homosexual sex is “always wrong,” and an increasing proportion believe in the “right to commit suicide if a person has an incurable disease.” Regarding sex roles, there has been a substantial increase in the percentage of Jewish respondents who disagree with the statement “a wife should first help a husband’s career” (from 62 percent during 1972-80, to 70 percent during 1981-90, to 88 percent during 1991-2002).

Jewish students also appear to be more politically liberal than other students, and correspondingly espouse more progressive attitudes regarding sex, drugs, abortion, gender roles, and homosexuality. This corresponds with Greenberg’s finding that Gen Y, overall, is more likely to call itself liberal than older generations. Sax (2002) found that political orientation was one of the variables that maximally distinguished between the Jewish and non-Jewish students— 51 percent of Jews as compared to 25 percent of non-Jews identify themselves as “liberal.”

Read the whole report at http://www.ajc.org/atf/cf/{42D75369-D582-4380-8395-D25925B85EAF}/YoungJewishAdultsUS_102006.pdf

Gay wed foe: Church-state wall is fiction

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(Madison Capital Times) The main spokeswoman for a group supporting Wisconsin’s proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions has little regard for the separation of church and state, which she calls a “fictitious wall.”

Read more at http://www.madison.com/tct/news/index.php?

Jewish Caucus Enters the Fray

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Today, the board of the YDA Jewish Caucus approved an advertisement
that will be run in the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia with the
support of a number of local community members. Because we believe
that the message of this ad is critically important, we would love to
spread the advertisement to people outside of the Philadelphia
market. Please take a moment to look at the ad and help us spread
the message by sending it around to people you think might be

Also, if you know of anyone that would be willing to help fund an
advertisement in your local Jewish newspaper, please feel free to ask
them about it and get in contact with me as soon as possible. My
phone number is 484-557-4594 and my email is josh@joshpasek.com.
Most weekly Jewish newspapers need 4-5 days as turnaround, so we need
to do this almost immediately

Jewish Caucus Ad

GOP Group Outspending Rivals on Jewish Ads

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(Forward) A national Jewish Republican group is outspending its Democratic counterpart by a margin of four-to-one or more on advertisements targeting Jewish voters, political insiders told the Forward.

The Republican Jewish Coalition, a Washington-based advocacy group, announced last week that it would continue running a series of controversial advertisements, attacking the Democrats’ commitment to Israel, in more than two-dozen Jewish newspapers around the country. The large size of the total advertising buy — with a price-tag that could top $1 million by November 7, according to some observers — dwarfs the money being spent by its Democratic counterpart, the National Jewish Democratic Council.

Read more at http://www.forward.com/articles/gop-group-outspending-rivals-on-jewish-ads/

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