Young Jewish Democrats Announce the Tom P. Lantos Award

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(YDAJC Press Release)

An award in Memory and Honor of the Late Chairman Lantos

We have lost an incredible advocate and an amazing man and leader for not only the Jewish Community, but for all people.  Chairman Tom Lantos leaves a legacy and commitment of fighting for many important issues that include, human rights, civil rights, ending genocide in Darfur, combating anti-Semitism and Israel’s safety and security.  The news coverage, memorial service, and public statements from the past week only begin to touch upon the great legacy that he has left behind.

The Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus has instituted the Tom P. Lantos Award to not only honor his memory, but to remind all of us what is possible and what we can do when we have great people like Chairman Lantos who dedicate their life to public service.  

The Tom P. Lantos Award will be given annually to a public figure who exemplifies Chairman Lantos’s dedication to public service and who serves as an advocate for individuals who cannot speak for themselves.

All of our blessings and deepest sympathies go out to his wife Annette, his daughters, and his grandchildren. Chairman Lantos will be dearly missed.

Tom Lantos: A Human Rights Hero Passes

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(Washington Post)

ONE OF Tom Lantos’s first initiatives in Congress was to reward human rights work. Back in 1981, the Hungarian-born congressman sponsored a bill to offer honorary citizenship to Raoul Wallenberg, the missing Swedish diplomat who saved more than 100,000 Jews — including Mr. Lantos himself — from Nazi extermination. Mr. Lantos’s intention was to thank and honor a human rights hero; by the time he passed away last Monday at age 80, the California Democrat had become one himself.

As chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and founder of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, Mr. Lantos worked tirelessly to promote human rights. He turned the world’s attention, and when successful its fury, to travesties across every region of Earth. His efforts to inspire — or, if necessary, shame — individuals, companies and governments into honorable behavior were exhaustive and creative; at the tender age of 78, Mr. Lantos himself was arresting for disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly while protesting the genocide in Darfur outside the Sudanese Embassy.

His genuine concern for human dignity earned the respect and admiration of leaders and human rights advocates around the world. Fellow Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, pop singer and AIDS activist Bono and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon were among the luminaries who attended Mr. Lantos’s memorial service on Thursday. Even the North Korean government — a frequent target of Lantos’s criticisms — sent its condolences.

Mr. Lantos pushed the U.S. government, and in particular congressional Democrats, on a path of leadership in human rights issues. We hope that his work will inspire further championship of the world’s downtrodden — just as Mr. Lantos took his cue from Raoul Wallenberg.

Blue and energized

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(Washington Jewish Week)

For Joanna Blotner, Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary was unusual. Instead of voting for the lesser of two evils, she was excited to be choosing between “the better of two greats.”

“They’re both such good candidates, I want to vote for both,” the 22-year-old District resident said on Thursday evening of last week at a happy hour sponsored by the Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus in the District’s Woodley Park.

Blotner’s inability to choose between Sens. Barack Obama (Ill.) and Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) just five days before the Potomac Primary was shared by a number of her friends and others in the 150 or so person crowd.

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