YDAJC questions candidates on issues

December 16, 2007 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Announcements + Events | Leave a comment

The Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus sent a questionnaire to each of the Democratic Presidential candidates to get their views on a series of issues of particular concern to the Jewish community.  As they answer, their responses will be posted in their entirety.  The nine questions posed to each candidate are as follows:

1. What conditions do you see as necessary for fostering peace between Israelis and Palestinians?

2. What role should the United States play in building Israeli- Palestinian peace?

3. In your view, what kind of a threat does Iran pose to the United States and to our allies?  What should we be doing about it?

4. What would your administration do about the situation in Darfur?

5. On what basis should the United States formulate its immigration policy (i.e. who should be let in for what reasons)?  What do you plan to do with those who have migrated to this country illegally?

6. What role should the government play in addressing poverty and hunger?  Should social welfare programs targeting the poor be expanded, kept about the same, or shifted to private forms of assistance?

7. What restrictions, if any, should be placed on the ability to have an abortion?  Should laws be put in place requiring parental notification when minors request an abortion?

8. How would you characterize the role of the Faith-Based Initiatives program?  How would it change, if at all, in your administration?

9. Are you in favor of or opposed to a voucher program that would subsidize public school students to attend private and/or parochial schools?  In what circumstances would this be acceptable/unacceptable?


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