Excerpts of Chairman Dean’s Remarks Before Jewish Council for Public Affairs

February 28, 2006 at 6:16 pm | Posted in Other | Leave a comment

(JCPA) Today in a speech before the Annual Conference of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean detailed the weakness of the Republican party on matters of national defense, and forcefully detailed why Democrats are stronger in keeping America safe. Dean also discussed what the Democratic National Committee is doing to get democrats elected all across the country in order to restore honest leadership and open government, and contrasted the Democratic Party’s positive agenda for America with the Republican Culture of Corruption and the Bush Administration’s failed leadership.

Below are excerpts from Chairman Dean’s speech:

Rove’s Strategy on Security is a Loser for Republicans

“Karl Rove says that the Republicans are going to win on the issue of defense. I submit to you that if the issue is defense, the Republicans will lose because this is the weakest Administration on defense that we’ve seen in many, many years. What I mean is this. For five years this President has been in the White House. For five years North Korea continues to possess nuclear weapons. For five years this Administration has been in the White House, Iran moves closer every day to producing nuclear weapons. For four years, Osama Bin Laden has been on the loose and remains so. And today we see the specter, as reported in the Jerusalem post- of a company that is about to take over American ports, which actively continues today to boycott Israel.

“The Democrats have a better idea. First we will conclude the negotiations with the Chinese and the North Koreans to disarm North Korea. Secondly, under no circumstances will a Democratic Administration ever allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Three, we will kill or capture Osama bin Laden and four, the authority and the control of the ports of the United States must be retained by American companies.

“We are not simply speaking about the United Arab Emirates — we are also speaking about the western ports which are controlled by companies controlled by the Chinese government. Foreign governments of any kind ought not to be controlling American ports, especially when the Coast Guard already recommended that they could not guarantee the security of the ports.” 

“We will defend America.”


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